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Vitis vinifera


One of Bach's seven helpers.
Prepared by the sun method.




Very capable people, certain of their own ability, confident of success. Being so assured, they think that it would be for the benefit of others if they could be persuaded to do things as they themselves do, or as they are certain is right. Even in illness they will direct their attendants. They may be of great value in emergency.


Twelve Healers 1936




If we set everybody and everything around us at liberty, we find that in return we are richer in love and possessions than ever we were before, for that love that gives freedom is the great love that binds the closer.


Collected Writings p103


Habitat notes




Wild and cultivated vines are found throughout the world where the climate is right.




Some cultivated vines grow with difficulty in England but they are not suitable.


Chronic condition


Those who are very particular. They are so sure that they know right, both for themselves and for others, how things should be done that it makes them critical and exacting. They wish for everything just in their own way, and give orders to those helping them. Even then they are difficult to satisfy.


Edward Bach