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Rock Rose


Helianthemum nummularium


One of Bach's original twelve healers.
Prepared by the sun method.




The rescue remedy. The remedy of emergency for cases where there even appears no hope. In accidents or sudden illness, or when the patient is very frightened or terrified, or if the condition is serious enough to cause great fear to those around. If the patient is not conscious the lips may be moistened with the remedy. Other remedies in addition may also be required, as, if there is unconsciousness, which is a deep, sleepy state, Clematis; if there is torture, Agrimony, and so on.


Twelve Healers 1936




All fear must be cast out; it should never exist in the human mind, and is only possible when we lose sight of our Divinity. It is foreign to us because as Sons of the Creator, Sparks of the Divine Life, we are invincible, indestructible and unconquerable.


Collected Writings p155


Habitat notes




The Rock Rose is uncommon, native to the Mediterranean area. It can grow up to an altitude of 500m.




Rock Rose is found in southern England in upland pastures on dry, rocky soils, generally on chalk.


State of being


This is the rescue remedy. In cases of urgency and danger. Whenever things are desperate. In all cases of danger of life. When the patient is terrified or in a panic. In cases when all hope is lost. When there is danger to the mind, of threatened suicide or insanity, or nervous breakdown, fear of death or hopeless depression.


Edward Bach