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Impatiens glandulifera


One of Bach's original twelve healers.
Prepared by the sun method.




Those who are quick in thought and action and wish all things to be done without hesitation or delay. When ill they are anxious for a hasty recovery.


Twelve Healers 1936




You are striving for exquisite gentleness and forgiveness, and that beautiful mauve flower, Impatiens, which grows along the sides of some Welsh streams, will, with its blessing, help you along the road.


Collected Writings p108


Habitat notes




Impatiens grows along the banks of streams and rivers, the seeds travelling in the water. It will grow in full light or shade and accepts varying soils, unless markedly acid. It prefers damp ground. Frost sensitivity may be a limiting factor in its distribution outside of its native land. In the Himalayas, this species is frost tolerant, and it found at elevations up to 4,000 metres.




Impatiens is found throughout Britain.


State of being


At all times when there is impatience. Impatient with themselves, wanting to hurry things, wanting to do things quickly, wanting to get well at once, to be out and about again. Impatient with others, irritable over little things, difficult to keep their temper. Cannot wait. This state is common and often a good sign during convalescence, and the restfulness this remedy brings hastens recovery. There is often impatience in severe pain and so Impatiens is of great value at those times to relieve the pain and calm the patient.


Edward Bach