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Ilex aquifolium


One of Bach's second 19 remedies.
Prepared by the boiling method.




For those who are sometimes attacked by thoughts of such kind as jealousy, envy, revenge, suspicion.


Twelve Healers 1936




The ultimate conquest of all will be through love and gentleness, and when we have sufficiently developed these two qualities nothing will be able to assail us, since we shall ever have compassion and not offer resistance.


Collected Writings p135


Habitat notes




Holly grows in thickets and woodland, being seeded by birds. It is found in woods, scrub, hedges and rocky ravines up to 550m in the mountains.




Holly grows throughout Britain but is rather less common in the eastern counties.


Emotional state


For any kind of strongly negative state: anger, jealousy, bitterness, rage, envy, suspicion, revenge, hatred, violence, bad temper, contempt, vexation, selfishness, frustration - all states antipathetic to love.


Barnard, Guide to Bach Flower Remedies