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Populus tremula


One of Bach's second 19 remedies.
Prepared by the boiling method.




Vague unknown fears, for which there can be given no explanation, no reason. Yet the patient may be terrified of something terrible going to happen, he knows not what. These vague unexplainable fears may haunt by night or day. Sufferers are often afraid to tell their trouble to others.


Twelve Healers 1936




The development of Love brings us to the realization of Unity, of the truth that one and all of us are of the One Great Creation. The cause of all our troubles is self and separateness, and this vanishes as soon as Love and the knowledge of the great Unity become part of our natures.


Collected Writings new ed. Page 106


Habitat notes




On poor soils and in damp woodland. It is a pioneer species and its tendency to sucker creates small thickets.




Throughout Britain, more in the north and west.


Emotional state


For psychological fears of unknown origin, vague unreasoning and inexplicable, sudden apprehension, fear of unseen power or force, fear of sleep for what sleep may bring, fear of dreams, association with death and religion, usually kept secret. Symptoms may include headaches, eyestrain, haunted look, sweating, trembling, gooseflesh, sudden faintness, sleep walking/talking, tired and nervy.


Barnard, Guide to Bach Flower Remedies