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Healing Herbs is situated in the heart of the countryside.


heather for Bach flower remedy

Flowers are collected from the nearby fields and made into remedies on bright sunny days.


Where to buy Bach flower remedies

This site is dedicated to the promotion of knowledge about Dr Edward Bach and the flower remedies that he discovered. It it not possible to purchase Bach flower remedies from here.

However the site's sponsors, Healing Herbs Ltd, are a leading supplier of remedies, and from their website www.healingherbs.co.uk you can buy remedies online, as well as a wide range of informative books and audio visual material about them.


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Healing Herb's Bach flower remedies (including Five Flower remedy, Dr Bach's original 'rescue remedy') are made at stock concentrate strength according to the original instructions of Dr Bach.

Healing Herbs is small company where people work together in purpose-made buildings, isolated in the Herefordshire countryside to the west of England close to the Welsh border, in harmony with our surroundings. They put the living forces of nature at the heart of the production process. Because it is not a ‘volume producer’ the company can also pay full attention to every part of the production process and provide a true service to its customers.

Healing Herbs believes that there is a thread which runs between all the people involved in essence production - from the bowl set out in the sunshine, to the individuals who take the remedy for themselves.