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Poetry and essays

Literary contributions may take the form of essays and critical commentaries, as illustrated by the ‘Gentian’ article below, or consist of new or newly-discovered poems or prose relating directly to a remedy plant. We hope to build up an anthology of writings for each of the remedies.




38 haiku

Paul Conneally has contributed a sequence of 38 poems in the Japanese haiku tradition, presenting the remedies from Agrimony to Willow. The poet’s compassionate response to Dr Bach’s indications is distilled into three short lines for each remedy. Your comments on these poems are welcomed!


Binsey Poplars

Gerard Manley Hopkins’ meditation on felled trees in which the gesture of Aspen is skilfully evoked. Even the shape and sounds of the poem contribute to this.

Remedy link: Aspen


Speaking of flowers

As well as gathering poems, prose and related critical commentaries which connect with specific remedy plants, we have started a more wide-ranging ‘flower’ anthology.

Remedy link: Gentian


Critical commentaries


Glenn Storhaug considers Gentian poems by Emily Dickinson and DH Lawrence, as well as offering some more wide-ranging speculations on flower imagery in poetry.

Remedy link: Gentian


Aspen in literature

Thoughts on the Aspen in literature, following the posting of Hopkins’ Binsey Poplars.

Remedy link: Aspen


The click of light in their branches

Relating the uses of the Bach Olive remedy to some of the qualities that poets have seen in this plant, Glenn Storhaug considers particularly the writings of Ezra Pound.

Remedy link: Olive